Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adding a Personal Touch

A couple of weeks ago my son was sick, and during one of his many long naps I had some time to personalize some of this clothing.  About a month ago I found some inexpensive white turtlenecks at Kohl's for $4 a piece and I had already had some onsies in his closet.  I took these plain white shirts and added some personalization to them.  I found some embroidery designs online and added his name to them.  Each shirt only took about 10-15 minutes to stitch out.  This is a great way to take any ordinary plain item and make it your child's own personal item.

You do not have to embroider the shirts there are so many other ways to personalize your child's clothing.  You can take your child's favorite drawing or painting and scan it into your computer then print it out on transfer paper.  You would then take the paper and iron the transfer onto their shirt.  Or you could have your child paint with fabric paint directly onto the shirt.

My husband has asked me on numerous occasions what I am going to do with all his personalized clothing once he outgrows it.  Well the answer is quite simple I tell him. I plan on making a quilt with his personalized shirts that he has outgrown.  But that is for another blog entry!