Friday, January 2, 2015

December 2014 Brides and Grooms

Elegant Monograms would like to congratulate the following brides, grooms, and couples who were married this December.  Please feel free to share your wedding day photos with us on our Facebook page. 

Anna R. Dec 13th
Megan D. Dec13th
Kristin C. Dec 2nd
Lara B. Dec 31st
Kristin B. Dec 6th
Kelli & Mark Dec 13th
Samantha N. Dec 16th
Maryrita D. Dec 27th
Stacey W. Dec 6th
Lauren H. Dec 13th
Heather T. Dec 12th
Pamela C. Dec 13th
Audrey K. Dec 20th
Molly H. Dec 13th
Beth H. Dec 20th
Rachel T. Dec 20th
Kyrie K. Dec 20th
Audrey C. Dec 31st
Marian Dec 20th
Lara L. Dec 31st