Monday, December 29, 2014

FABNet Bridal Show

The FABNet Bridal Show was held at the e-eventplex at the Frederick Fair Grounds on November 2, 2014 and had over 200 brides in attendance.  Elegant Monograms had the pleasure to meet many of the brides who attended the event.  Below are some photos.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

November 2014 Brides & Grooms

Elegant Monograms would like to congratulate the following brides, grooms, and couples who were married in November!

Megan A  Nov 1st
Julie P   Nov 16th
Krystal W  Nov 8th
Ellen D  Nov 22nd
Emily and Dwight  Nov 9th
Tonya  Nov 8th
Krystal W  Nov 8th
Dana M Nov 22nd
Jillian D Nov.
Cynthia F Nov 1st
Mycah H Nov 8th
Julie and Duncan Nov 22nd
Alysson S Nov 1st
Leann Nov 29th
Dana S Nov 1st
Amanda Nov 19th
Katelyn and Tommy Nov 8th
Sarah S Nov 15th
Heather B Nov 1st
Jen and Chris Nov 15th
Katie B Nov 7th
Ashley D Nov 8th
Stephanie L Nov 15th
Valerie M Nov 1st
Melissa B Nov 8th
Andrew T Nov 7th
Emily K Nov 8th
Lacey H Nov 15th
Kristen A Nov 8th
Carrie B Nov 15th
Maria L Nov 15th
Jessica H Nov 29th
Rebecca R Nov 15th
Tiffany F Nov 22nd
Trista G Nov 15th
Isabella C Nov 15th
Andrea S Nov 15th
Christina N Nov 22nd
Brittany and Chris Nov 22nd

Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014 Brides & Grooms

We here at Elegant Monograms would like to congratulate our Brides & Grooms who were married this October!!!  Thank you for letting Elegant Monograms  be a part of your special day!

Katie P Oct 11th
Valerie F Oct 25th
Maria T Oct 11th
Cory D Oct 11th
Patricia Oct 10th
Nicole S Oct 25th
Ashley Oct 4th
Tabitha C Oct 5th
Heather L Oct 18th
Annie M Oct 11th
Nicki & Jordan Oct 11th
Alison T Oct 4th
Laura B Oct 11th
Kathy D Oct 18th
Sarah B Oct 18th
Robin I Oct 18th
Brittany S Oct 11th
Sara S Oct 11th
Jennifer M Oct 18th
Rebecca K Oct 18th
Meredith S Oct 4h
Anne G Oct 18th
Andria M Oct 11th
Veronica W Oct 31st
Kelly O Oct 11th
Lori S Oct 18th
Danielle H Oct 18th
Jennifer P Oct 12th
Summer & Mike Oct 10th
Elizabeth H Oct 25th
Lauren Oct 18th
Matt & Tanya Oct 25th
Rachel R Oct 26th
Sarah S Oct 18th
Caitlin C Oct 19th
Carrie & Chase Oct 19th
Theresa D Oct 25th