Thursday, January 7, 2016

Summer 2015 Brides and Grooms

The summer is always the most popular time for a wedding, and why wouldn't it be? There isn't a more perfect time to have a celebration than during those long, lazy days. Plus, there always seems to be a pitcher of sangria within an arm's reach! We'd love to see how we were able to be a part of your special days. What better way to get through this cold weather, than a reminder that we'll all be barefoot on the beach in just a few months! Tag us in your favorite picture or how we were a part of your wedding on our Facebook or our Instagram page. Thank you Brides and Grooms!

July Brides & Grooms
Jessica S   July 11th
Sarah W   July 18th
Samantha W   July 18th
Nicole B   July 11th
Kayla F   July 11th
Julie K   July 18th
Danny & Heather   July 11th
Lindsey T   July 25th
Ann & Chris   July 11th
Tanya T   July 11th
Amy & Jim   July 19th
Kelsey C   July 3rd
Taylor C   July 25th
Rebecca H   July 25th
Mari C   July 11th
Joanna J   July 18th
Jamie B   July 11th
Cie Lorraine   July 11th
Paige & Jeffery   July 11th
Erin L   July 18th
Rebecca D   July 11th
Lora S   July 10th
Abigail S   July 11th
Kylie G   July 23rd
Tyrell P   July 17th
Dallas B   July 6th
Kailey C   July 3rd
Kristen M   July 25th
Amanda M   July 25th
Mary W   July 11th
Adrienne T   July 17th
A F   July 11th
Hannah   July 18th
Lisa B   July 23rd
Hayley P   July 25th
Latasha G   July 25th
Laura S   July 11th
Jennifer C   July 
Leah R   July 16th
Melissa   July 11th 

August Brides & Grooms
Sarah & Nathan   Aug 15th
Emily S   Aug 1st
Haley B   Aug 29th 
Ashlee F   Aug 28th
Jessica & Sean   Aug 15th
Lisa M   Aug 8th
Amanda F   Aug 15th
Hillary T   Aug 8th
Michelle S   Aug 8th
Brittany H   Aug 28th
Catherine M   Aug 29th
Alyssa M   Aug 15th
Brittany S   Aug 15th
Atieh B   Aug 14th
Deborah G   Aug 22nd
Rachel M   Aug 22nd
Kate W   Aug 22nd
Tia S   Aug 15th
Victoria K   Aug 22nd
Christian V   Aug 8th
Sarah & David   Aug 14th
Makenzie   Aug 1st
Kelsey M   Aug 8th
Barbara P Aug 8th
Jaleesa J   Aug 15th
Katie W   Aug 30th
Tierney T   Aug 1st
Amber D   Aug 8th
Lauren S   Aug 15th
Kelsey Q   Aug 29th
Katherine P   Aug 15th
Felicia F   Aug 1st
Kate W   Aug
Sarah & Colin   Aug 29th
Julie G   Aug 29th
Hannah G   Aug 29th
Katherine R   Aug 22th
Jennifer H   Aug 21st
Kristen K   Aug 29th
Caroline H   Aug 29th
Nikki W   Aug 29th
Kate & Hadrian   Aug 22nd
Jackie & Leigh   Aug 28th
Alison K   Aug 29th
Lauren & Matt   Aug 29th